Walleyn Graphics

Désiré Walleyn founds its own printing company back in 1921 called D. Walleyn-Messens. At that time already, the machinery of the company allowed printing for magazines, papers and books.

In 1932 the company moves to another location at “de Langerei” in the centre of the historic city of Bruges. The son of Désiré Walleyn, Alfons, who joined the company in 1938, builds on this same spot a totally new production facility. In 1970, “Walleyndruk”, a former company name,  installs its first offset press and reprographic department.

With Herman Walleyn, the third generation, the company gets a real boost and expands fast as of 1981. In 1989,  the reproduction department splits off into a separate company called “Dualis”. This company is specialised in black& white reproduction orders.

In 1992, an afterpress is added to the already existing production facilities. This separate company, called “Bind” gets its full independence and a new location as of 1998.

In 1999 the company decides to enter the coldset web printing market in order to produce books in large quantities. As a result of this, the company  is again faced with a spectacular growth. Especially “ bind” , the 2-year old afterpress company “suffers” quite a lot from this expansion and is growing out of its present location.

This substantial growth not only forces Herman Walleyn to look for another suitable location for “Bind” but also requires him to reconsider to consolidate the group of companies into a new entity.

As of 2002, the consolidation of the companies is a fact. “Dualis”, “Bind” and “Walleyndruk” are going to operate under a new name “Walleyn Graphics NV” at a totally new location at the Pathoekeweg in Bruges.

Today, Walleyn Graphics represents an annual turnover of over 6.5mio€ and operates as a leader in the specific market segment of the black & white book.